Monday, May 7, 2012

My posts are going to be different, amusing, informing, and funny!

As a relatively young pest control company, we've grown so much through the past several years that my time has always been valuable to me.  I have to wear so many hats during the operation of our ever expanding company and I have to try hard to make sure that my family has their priority time with me and work doesn't interefere to the point that they get shorted.  So you can see that the idea of engaging the changes of social media, such as blogging, is something that I've been hesitant to embrace.  However, here I am...blogging my first blog after convincing my wife that it'll only take 30 minutes to write out my thoughts.  If I'm successful in my time estimating skills, then you'll be reading a second blog to come shortly, otherwise, this may be my last words before I am awakened by a hospital physician notifying me that I have endured a terrible blow to the head and that one day I will be able to walk again.

I've decided that if I am going to blog, then I'm not going to do as my peers do and see how much boring information about different insects I can impress upon you with my brilliance.  I feel that there is so much information available to any investigating user seeking information that to simply add to it on my own blog site serves no useful purpose.  However, if there are pertinent things that I feel need addressing that isn't otherwise available to my readers (and customers), then I won't hesitate to share details and facts that will illuminate your minds and stir your passions.

I have given it alot of thought and my intentions are to respond to email questions, or phone calls that raise issues that others will find useful.  I also intend to share case studies with you...actual investigative instances that our technicians or myself have encountered that you can learn from and apply in your own situations or that you can begin to understand the line of reasoning that we use to solve your pest problems.

Lastly, from time to time, I intend to share funny or amusing stories, conversations, or situations that we find ourselves in during the course of a week's work.  And believe me, I'll have alot of material to draw from.  The hard part will be whittling it down so that it can be read in 5 minutes or less.

So please join me on this journey into the wild, zany, sometimes crazy but never boring life we call...Pest Control.


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